Documentary Film

In production: THE END OF OUR WAR

TEOWTribecca (3 of 4)

Currently in its sixth year of production, this feature-length documentary follows the journey of a FARC guerrilla fighter and mother from the jungle trenches of Colombia’s war, as she lays down arms in a historic 2016 peace deal with the Colombian government, to a civilian life where her commitment to peace is tested when violence cycles through her life again. A film co-directed by Nadja Drost and Bruno Federico.


A short documentary, with Bruno Federico, and produced with Re:Common, that investigates allegations that an American coal company, Drummond Ltd., financed and  colluded with violent paramilitary groups who exercised a scorch-earth policy near the company’s mine in northern Colombia. May, 2016.

BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND THE ROOSTER’S CROW (Rocinante Productions, 2005, 66 minutes)

Director, Producer, Writer: Nadja Drost. Editor and First Camera: Cameron Esler.                                  Associate Producer: Nicholas Galletti

A Canadian oil giant is under fire for the construction of an oil pipeline that is fuelling controversy and conflict in the Amazon. Faced with the contamination of their lands and coercion by military forces, Ecuadorian peasants tap into reserves of remarkable strength and courage as they resist.

This film follows the experiences of the very people whose lives have been drastically altered by the race for the black gold that lies beneath the rainforest floor – a race fuelled by oil companies, a government desperate for foreign investment, and a rapidly-globalizing world. It’s the story of big oil from the toxic rivers of the Amazon to company headquarters in Canada.

Between Midnight and the Rooster’s Crow has won the following awards:

Best Canadian Documentary, Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival, 2005.
Audience Award, Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montreal, 2005.
Best Documentary, Festival international du film d’environnement, Paris, 2005.
Golden Prize, Documentary, Bogota Film Festival, 2005.


Between Midnight and the Rooster’s Crow has been broadcast in Canada, Japan and France. It has screened at over 50 festivals around the wold.

If you are a festival, organization or community group wanting to screen the film, please contact Nadja Drost at: nadjadrost[at]


Canadian and worldwide sales (except U.S.) please contact:

Filmoption International

U.S. Sales, please contact:

First Run/Icarus Films

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